TJ/H2b Analytical Services, Inc. is an independent analytical laboratory and consulting firm that specializes in diagnostic testing of oil, gas and other insulating materials used in transformers, power circuit breakers and load tap-changers. We are the industry leaders in the development and application of condition-based maintenance programs for electric utilities, industrial high-voltage power users and service companies. TJ/H2b Analytical Services, Inc. provides testing, consulting and other analytical services through a worldwide network of laboratories.

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TJH2b Analytical Services, as a material diagnostics service provider and DV-Power, as an instrument manufacturer, have joined forces to provide a new Dual tap changer analysis. This way, condition assessment of OLTC is brought to the new level - two assessments: operational through a DC test, and laboratory material oil analysis provide reliable indication of the tap changer repair requirements

Improved Sampling with TFSS™ - Turbulent Flush Sampling System

  • Standardizes sample collection
  • Ensures repeatable results
  • Eliminates funnels, pans and bags
  • Requires less tubing
  • Allows easier sampling
  • Measures flush volumes
  • Reduces the likelihood of spills
  • Comes with adapters to fit any valves

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