TJ/H2b Analytical Services, Inc. is a full service laboratory that offers analytical testing and diagnostic evaluation of oil and gas insulated electrical equipment.

Additionally, TJ/H2b performs environmental testing for hazardous materials that are used in high voltage electrical equipment, employing a wide variety of physical, chemical and electrical testing methods for routine and investigatory analyses.

Testing yields information about the condition of the material and the equipment or site from which the sample was taken.

TJ/H2b provides material and/or equipment specific diagnostic evaluations and consultation services to give as complete an analysis as possible. Substantial individual projects are routinely handled with no loss in turnaround time or quality performance.

TJ/H2b has developed three proprietary diagnostic evaluations for differing types of high voltage electrical equipment: Breaker Oil Analysis (BOA™) for oil filled circuit breakers, Tap changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA™) for on-load Tap Changers and Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA™) for oil insulated transformers of any size. Please select a diagnostic for more information.

TJ/H2b has also developed sampling and testing procedures for SF6 that can significantly reduce the cost of breaker maintenance

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