Condition-Based Maintenance Services

Transformer Condition Assessment (TCA®)Proprietary
Breaker Oil Analysis (BOA®)Proprietary
Tap Changer Activity Signature Analysis (TASA®)Proprietary
Breaker Gas Analysis (BGA®)Proprietary

Electrical Equipment

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)ASTM D-3612
Water in Insulating FluidsASTM D-1533B
Interfacial TensionASTM D-971
Acid NumberASTM D-974
Color NumberASTM D-1500
Visual ExaminationASTM D-1524
Dielectric BreakdownASTM D-877
Dielectric BreakdownASTM D-1816
Power Factor (25 & 100C)ASTM D-924
Oxidation Inhibitor ASTM D-2668
Specific GravityASTM D-1298
ViscosityASTM D-88
Pour PointASTM D-97
Flash PointASTM D-92
Fire PointASTM D-92
Refractive IndexASTM D-1807
Corrosive SulfurASTM D-1275
Metal Analysis (ICP)ASTM D-3635 (modified)
Furanic CompoundsASTM D-5837
Particle ProfilingProprietary
Sulfur HexaflourideProprietary
Degree of Polymerization (DP)ASTM D-4243
Sediment and Soluble SludgeASTM D-1698
Particle CountASTM D-6786


Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)EPA 8082 (modified)