The staff at TJ/H2b Analytical Services has been providing laboratory services to the electrical power industry since the 1970’s. Much has changed in the field of insulating fluid testing and diagnostics since that time, but our commitment to excellence and providing superior service has remained constant. Our introduction of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) diagnostic services for high-voltage electrical equipment has transformed the maintenance practices of major utilities and industrial companies.

Of course, providing exceptional services to our clients requires the skills and commitments of a well-trained and professional staff. Our personnel take great pride in their ability to provide the highest level of service and innovation to the power industry. It is our belief that the excellence and success of a company can only be measured by individuals working together for a common goal to serve the client. In essence, it requires a partnership that results in the personal and professional growth of each employee.

Since the industry looks to TJ/H2b Analytical Services for diagnostic solutions and technical knowledge, we devote significant time and resources to research and development. Our R&D unit focuses on expanding and improving our CBM diagnostic services and enhancing our understanding of the chemical and physical processes occurring within electrical equipment. Drawing from the fields of chemistry, physics, microscopy, and electronics, TJ/H2b Analytical Services is poised to continually respond to the changing needs of the power industry.

I invite you to take a few minutes to read about our company’s services. You have our trust that we will serve you with the reliability and integrity that you expect from the leader in diagnostic testing services. Let us lead you into the 21st century!


Dave Hanson
CEO and President